Thursday, February 15, 2018


Crow on 35mm Ilford Delta Film

NOTE: All crows that are silhouetted in my images are done so because the crows wished to remain anonymous.

Okay, I'm sort of kidding with the above statement but I'll explain that a bit later.

Crows get a bad rap. Folks think of them as pests and the curse of death. But actually crows are one of the smartest animals out there. They are capable of making and using tools and are great problem solvers. They can recognize a face and hold a grudge, which kind of scares me a bit since I saw so many of them and they saw me. 

I recently went on a late afternoon walk at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Crows roost there in the late afternoon. You can see rivers of crows overhead streaming into the tree tops sometimes by the thousands. All headed to their night roost, a giant avian slumber party. They roost for warmth and safety in numbers. On that particular evening there had to have been several thousand crows flying about. It was an amazing sight! And the sounds...CAW, CAW, CAW by thousands of crows was insane.

The next four images are from that experience. All images are 35mm on Ilford Delta film.

I've never seen this many crows anywhere before. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I loved the sheer raw wildness of all these birds flying about and cawing. Felt like a scene out of a Alfred Hitchcock movie. And yes, it was a bit scary. But in a good exciting gets your adrenaline going way.

I was so inspired by this show that the crows put on I decided to make a little project of taking photos of the crows. It wasn't easy. As I mentioned crows are super smart animals and they knew I was out there trying to photograph them, I just know it. They would all gather up high in the tree tops and as soon as I approached them they would start CAWING, to warn their friends of my presence. Then they would fly off to the next tree and we would start the process all over again going all about the wildlife sanctuary continuing this pattern. Crows being all black birds make it difficult to photograph them showing detail unless the light is perfect, which it wasn't most of the time. So I settled for silhouettes of them, which I really ended up liking a lot. Besides I'm sure that the crows wished to remain anonymous and only posed in bad light, except for a few occasions. Haha! 

I ended up taking A LOT of photographs of these special birds. So many that they now have their own gallery on my website, so check it out. I'm including just a few photos with this post.
This project was so much fun! Just me and hundreds of crows. I gained a new appreciation for crows after following them around for a few afternoons. I just hope that the crows aren't holding a grudge against me. I have seen more that the normal amount of them hanging around outside my house recently.

Be sure to check out the new gallery "CROWS ON B&W FILM" here on my website.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Foggy Field of Trees

35mm Image on Ilford Delta 3200 Film

I have driven by this field of bare trees many times over the years. I had often thought of ways to photograph it but nothing seemed to work. This field lies in Irvine across from a wildlife sanctuary that I often visit. There is no where to park along this stretch of road. The field is surrounded by five foot high barbed wire. And behind these trees in the distance are buildings. Buildings that would show up if you tried to photograph them under normal conditions. One morning I woke early to see thick fog outside. I wondered if you could still see those buildings if the field was full of fog. I headed out and was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were the building completely obscured but the fog gave the trees a dark and mysterious look. It was right up my alley, what I love photographing. It was beautiful.

These images were made on 35mm Ilford Delta 3200 film. I handheld my camera to get the angles that I wanted on these over that five foot fence. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Beehive and A Sunflower

Beehive-Ilford Delta 3200 film

I found this really cool beehive in March at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was surprised to see it hanging from a tree limb with so many honey bees on it. I tried to find it on several walks after that but couldn't, the sanctuary is a big place. I finally found it again last week. Here is what it looks like now. It's about 2 1/2 feet long and 1 1/2 feet wide.

You can see that there are a lot more honeycombs on it than in the first photo. The bees were VERY active and I got as close as I dare. You could hear the humming of the thousands of bees on it before you ever reached it. Such an amazing sight to see. 



Sunflower macro- Ilford Delta 35mm film

When you have some pretty sunflowers in the house there's only one thing to do and that's macro photography. I do love macro work. I find it intense and exhausting work but those are the same reasons I love it. Hoping to do more of it soon.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Trees in Temecula

Tree on Hillside in Temecula

While in Temecula for my daughter's wedding we drove around a bit to different vendors to prepare for the big day. I came across a pretty hillside with some trees that caught my eye and I couldn't resist. Taken with my trusty 35mm camera (as always) and Ilford Delta 3200 film. I love that grain! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Yosemite Spring 2017

Yosemite Falls

It's been a long while since I've posted here. A surgery, a persistent auto-immune disease and my daughter's wedding have all played a role in my neglect to my website and in my photography in general for that matter. 
My daughter's wedding was the best day ever! I'll give you all more details on the wedding in another post. The other two things I mentioned I'm choosing not to talk about. No one really wants to hear about someone else's illnesses anyway, at least that's what I've discovered.

My trip to Yosemite this year was awesome! So much water there, the falls were bursting with water and the Merced River was as full as I've ever seen it. So beautiful!!! 
As always the photographs I'm posting were taken with my trusty 35mm camera and most were on Ilford Delta film.

Bridalveil Falls

Tunnel View




American Robin

Half Dome


El Capitan

Merced River

More Trees

Yosemite Falls in all it's glory.

The next two photos were a bit of an experiment. I shot them using Rollei Redscale 400 film. I was hoping to get an old time look with this film and it didn't disappoint.These were two different exposures using the redscale film. I've already picked up couple more rolls of this film, not sure where I'll use them next but it sure was fun.

Tunnel View with redscale film

Different exposure with redscale film


El Capitan

Well that's it for now, until next time!